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Healthy Foods

From Mexico to the Philippines or Saudi Arabia to Kenya from China to Thailand we are helping our customers deal with the Health & Wellness macro trend that is leading consumers to become more conscientious about the food they eat and therefore seek healthier products. Our Healthy Food solutions include but are not limited to: Natural & Organics, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Non GMO, Dairy Alternative etc… Our assortment covers the top selling brands in each segment as well as proprietary & Exclusive brands we carry.

Food Service/Horeca

As a member of one of the largest Food Service Cooperative in the world, we are able to supply you with the top Food Service/Horeca brands and products. Due to the change in lifestyle and the expansion of Quick Service Restaurants ( QSR) in emerging markets, the Food Service segment continue to grow rapidly creating a strong demand for our solutions We can provide you with both the top brands or develop proprietary brands for you.

Alcoholic Beverages

Omni offers a wide array of beer, wine , and liquor of US and international brands from both large to small distillers, vineyards and micro-breweries. We are able to provide not only single item containers but mixed containers as well, allowing you to seek out new and exciting beverages to offer to your customers.

Baby Food

One of the most sensitive categories, Baby Food remains a strategic category for savvy retailers and we are proud of the work we have accomplished in supporting our partners. We have helped our customers contest and win the category by offering customized solutions ranging from product sourcing, category segmentation, assortment optimization, planogram recommendation and cross merchandising solutions.

Pet Food

All over the world, pet owners are increasingly treating their pets like members of the family. As a result, the Pet Food category will continue to grow globally with some of the fastest growth rates occurring in the emerging markets. Our answer to the high demand for Pet Food products is in our extensive brand and product offerings in this category, which extends beyond pet food to pet care supplies. We are currently helping our customers develop innovative solutions to win in the category as well as secure the loyalty of the Pet Food shopper.

Private Brand Development

From the USA to Japan or South Africa to Portugal or South Korea, when it comes to Private Brands, there is simply no company in the world that develop more brands than we do. Through Daymon Worldwide, we are proud to have launched some of the most recognizable retail brands in the world.

We will work with you to develop products under your own Private Brands using either our own formulation, yours, or a combination of both. We already work with some of the top suppliers throughout the world, developing Private Brands for customers globally. We would welcome the opportunity to create and source your Private Brands.

Exclusive/Proprietary Brands

We have several proprietary and turnkey brand solutions that cover most food and non food categories. Whether you are seeking a price fighter, national brand equivalent or premium, one of our brands will undoubtedly improve your margin, build traffic and create a point of difference in your marketplace.

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American National Brands

We are able to offer fast moving, high in demand, popular national brands to compliment your portfolio and better service your needs. we can supply to you in either full or mixed container loads.


In North America, we operate from two distribution centers strategically located on both coasts of the USA. Each of these locations hold over 15,000 products and are close to major shipping ports allowing us great access to most markets internationally.

In Europe, we consolidate our goods for export in the Czech Republic.

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European Brand Trading

Located in the Czech Republic, the Omni European Brand Trading has been providing customized sourcing solutions to retail partners since 2006. The unit specialize in the trading of high volume branded FMCG products, in following categories:

  • Confectionery
  • Health and Beauty Care
  • Selected commodities
  • Drinks

Among the brands and products in our portfolio are Ferrero Rocher, Storck, Kraft, Nestle, Heinz, , Gillette, Henkel, Reckitt Benckiser, Coty, Unilever, Colgate & Palmolive, Beiersdorf , J&J, Coca Cola.

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